A MURDER trial jury heard yesterday how a woman received a string of threatening phone calls to try to stop her giving evidence.

But Bradford Crown Court heard the threats made Antoinette Wilson, the former girlfriend of murder accused David Lawler, more determined to testify.

Lawler, 33, of Bradford, is on trial for the murder of grandfather Clement 'Butch' Desmier, 68, who was asphyxiated and repeatedly stabbed in his armchair, at his home in Rowlestone Rise, Greengates, in August 2012.

Lawler has pleaded not guilty to murder, and a charge of intimidating Miss Wilson.

The jury has heard that Miss Wilson told police, in an interview in April last year, how Lawler had confessed to her that he and Nathan Jefferson had murdered Mr Desmier.

Jefferson, 20, of Springwell View, Holbeck, Leeds, has pleaded guilty to the murder.

In a second police interview, played to the jury yesterday, mother-of-three Miss Wilson said she received seven calls on her mobile phone in fewer than ten minutes on January 24 this year, from a man putting on a Scottish accent, who said if she did not keep her mouth shut, she would be dead.

The caller also made death threats about her friend Liam Brown, who she had told about Lawler's confession and was also a prosecution witness.

During the police interview Miss Wilson said she was shocked at first, but then began talking over the caller, who was ringing from a private number. She made a note of what he said, and also managed to contact police, during the series of calls.

She said she thought the calls were referring to her being a witness in a murder investigation.

"It's about me giving evidence," she told police.

Asked what the caller was trying to do, she replied: "Scare me into not giving evidence."

But Miss Wilson added: "But it hasn't. It has made me more determined."

She said she did not know who the voice belonged to.

Miss Wilson said she received a further call, late at night on February 1 when the caller remained silent.

She broke down in tears as she told the interviewing officer about the impact being a witness had had on her.

Miss Wilson said: "I can't be in touch with anybody I used to know. I've had to change my kids' schools. I don't speak to one member of my family anymore. I don't go out at certain times of day. I avoid certain areas at certain times."

She said she had lost weight and her hair was falling out.

She said she had been threatened with being gang raped and "my face was going to be taken off with acid."

She said she had dyed her hair and her home had CCTV and bars on the doors and windows. "It's on lockdown."

She added: "I've done everything possible to keep safe."

The trial continues.