A CYCLIST'S 'wheelie' which lasted for about 180 metres has landed him in trouble with Bradford police.

The unnamed male rider was on his back wheel from the Kings Road traffic lights down Queens Road towards Manningham.

He performed the stunt at 3pm on Friday.

Police said that there was district's nuisance vehicle team was behind the cyclist on a motorbike and witnessed the rider 'weaving about' on the bike (pictured).

A police spokesman said: "He was stopped at the roadside and couldn’t really see what all the fuss was all about."

"That’s not acceptable on busy main roads with heavy traffic. He was reported for the offence of careless and inconsiderate cycling (section 29 Road Traffic Act 1988) and will be receiving a summons to attend court for his selfish manner of riding.

"There is a time and place for that, and Queens Road at 3pm is certainly not one of them."