A 20-YEAR-OLD man has pleaded guilty to murdering Bradford grandfather Clement 'Butch' Desmier who died in a "sustained violent assault," a jury was told today.

The Telegraph & Argus can now report that Nathan Jefferson admitted yesterday at Bradford Crown Court that he murdered Mr Desmier, 68, at his home in Rowlestone Rise, Greengates, on August 23, 2012.

On trial denying the murder charge, and two allegations of intimidation, is David Lawler, 33, of Bradford.

Opening the case for the Crown, Alistair MacDonald QC, told the jury that a neighbour saw two figures in dark clothing entering Mr Desmier's home shortly after 3am on the day he died.

His body was discovered more than 12 hours later by another neighbour, Karen Hutchinson, when she returned from work that afternoon.

The court heard that Mr Desmier did not usually lock his front door.

Mrs Hutchinson called out "Butch" a couple of times and pushed open the living room door.

"It was very dark in the room. The curtains were drawn and the only light came from a dull orange glow from a light on a table opposite the door," Mr MacDonald said.

"She then saw Mr Desmier sitting in a high-backed armchair. Again, she called out his name but received no response," he continued.

Mr Desmier was wearing boxer shorts and a tee shirt. His arms were across his chest and the right side of his head was in a pillow. He was cold and stiff and the emergency services were called.

Mr Desmier was confirmed dead at the scene and the area was declared a crime scene.

Drawers and cupboards were open and two cash boxes lay open.

Pathologist, Dr Johnson, who carried out the post-mortem examination, found a substantial number of incised and puncture wounds and bruising to Mr Desmier's legs and body.

A bone in the front of his neck had been fractured and there was evidence of forceful compression of the neck.

The court was told that Dr Johnson concluded that a cushion had been pressed against Mr Desmier's face, causing him to be asphyxiated in the course of an attack.

There were more than 60 penetrating and prod injuries. Most were superficial but a number had penetrated the right lung.

Mr MacDonald said two indicated "severe force" and were likely to have been caused by a screwdriver.

A stab wound to the abdomen was much more typical of a knife wound.

"It is the conclusion of Dr Johnson that Mr Desmier died as a result of being asphyxiated and stabbed repeatedly," Mr MacDonald told the jury.

"Whilst he did have things medically wrong with him, they were not the reason he died as and when he did and Dr Johnson is clear that the death of Mr Desmier was caused by a sustained, violent assault."

Mr MacDonald alleged the killers went to Mr Desmier's house from the home of Lawler's uncle, Mick Lucas, and returned there afterwards.

The jury heard that nine days after Mr Desmier's murder, Lawler cut a man's throat at a party with a Stanley knife.

Mr MacDonald said it demonstrated his tendency to become involved in violent attacks by means of bladed articles, such as knives.

Soon after the murder, Lawler is said to have told a woman that he and Jefferson had killed Mr Desmier and disposed of a knife down a drain.

Lawler later threatened that if she revealed his confession she would have acid thrown in her face and be gang raped, the court was told.

The woman was so terrified by Lawler that she went from a size 12 to a size six and the worry made her hair fall out, it is alleged.

Lawler is also said to have confessed to his brother Kevin that he was involved in the killing of Mr Desmier.

He is alleged to have expressed concern that he would be "lifed off" with 27 years.

The trial continues.