A FAST food restaurant chain has apologised after an angry customer took pictures of the "disgusting" state of one of its Bradford branches.

Adele Johnson visited KFC's Holme Wood restaurant in Unit F, The Avenue Retail Park, Tong Street, with her son Jamie, 14, but was shocked at the standard of cleanliness.

She said there was a smell of urine and faeces coming from a toilet to the left of the serving counter, while the toilet seat also needed to be fixed.

She spotted broken yellow plastic caution slip signs lying on the floor around the restaurant, including next to a children's high chair.

And she said beans and gravy had been left all over the floor and fast food rubbish, including used wrappers, left strewn across tables in the restaurant.

Mrs Johnson, 36, of Grayswood Drive, Holme Wood, has vowed never to return to the restaurant, which she visited on February 14 at 7.15pm. She left without ordering any food.

But KFC said it will apologise personally to Mrs Johnson and has reminded the restaurant's staff of the firm's "high standards". It achieved a five out of five rating in its most recent Environmental Health inspection, held on November 2 last year.

The restaurant said it was tackling ongoing vandalism problems and was looking into installing extra CCTV in the lobby area and working with community officers to try and limit any further attacks.

Mrs Johnson has reported the incident to KFC headquarters and also to Bradford Council's environmental health, which is investigating the incident.

She said: "It was really bad.

"I was angry about it. I confronted staff about it.

"How can they serve food in a place like this? It was absolutely disgusting. There were no excuses for it being like that.

"I've never seen anything as bad as that in my life. I was gagging.

"The place was empty, there were no customers at all.

"Surely it's not down to the customers to clean the floors or empty the overflowing bins or clean and bleach the toilet area.

"We will not be going back there."

KFC said the restaurant's toilet was signed as out of order when Mrs Johnson visited the branch. It added the site was tackling some ongoing vandalism problems, which is why the toilet was out of order.

A KFC spokesman said: "We're really sorry for Adele's experience and will be in touch with her directly to apologise.

"The store achieved the best possible food hygiene rating of five out of five on its most recent Environmental Health inspection and we have reminded the team of the importance of maintaining KFC's high standards.

"We fully expect to see a return to those standards imminently at this restaurant."

A Bradford Council Environmental Health spokesman said: "We can confirm that we have received a complaint and are investigating the matter."