A BRADFORD MP has quizzed the Prime Minister about what his government is doing to help Palestinians.

Imran Hussain, Labour MP for Bradford East, used Prime Minister's Questions to ask David Cameron whether he agreed that illegal settlements were a "major roadblock that hinder peaceful negotiations".

He said: "Last week, together with several of my honourable friends, I visited Palestine, where we went to the home of Nora and her family, who have lived in the old city of East Jerusalem since 1953.

"Israeli settlers, however, are now trying to force Nora from her home of over 60 years."

Mr Cameron responded: "I am well known as a strong friend of Israel, but I have to say that the first time I visited Jerusalem, had a proper tour around that wonderful city and saw what has happened with the effective encirclement of East Jerusalem - occupied East Jerusalem - I found it genuinely shocking.

"What this Government have consistently done and go on doing is to say that we are supporters of Israel, but we do not support illegal settlements and we do not support what is happening in East Jerusalem."