A DOCTOR has offered his help for free to a Bradford toddler with severe eczema after his family started an appeal for support.

Two-year-old George McCann has suffered with the condition since he was a few weeks old and, despite various treatments, has failed to improve. Now his parents hope there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Consultant dermatologist Dr Richard Aron, who holds clinics in London and South Africa, said he would be prepared to waive his fee to help the youngster.

George's mum Christina Gray, of Holme Wood, who had said: "I am shocked - it has really shocked me.

"It gives me hope. I know he is not the only child suffering, but two years is a long time for him to be suffering. It is draining."

Dr Aron, who has helped thousands of children despite his methods being shunned by other medics, said: "I would be more than happy to help this child without charge and the parents may register on my website, the process is very straightforward - I emphasise that no payment is necessary - and I will then advise on appropriate treatment."

He added: "Where there are over-deserving cases like this child, I intervene. I am on a mission to change the way that treatment is done in the UK.

"I will be very happy to help this child. Why is this child in such a bad state, even with all the resources."

Miss Gray, 25, who lives with partner Peter McCann, 28, and their other son Leo, four, said George was in constant pain.

"If he gets slightly tired or bored, he just starts scratching," she said.

"He is not thriving like he should be. It is holding him back and he doesn't really eat.

"It is heartbreaking and it does get me down some days. I am trying to do everything I can for him.

"Every dermatologist has failed to keep his skin under control.

"He was fine when he was first born. It started with a small patch on one of his cheeks when he was a few weeks old.

"When he was about two months old he was diagnosed.

"It is severe eczema but they cannot seem to get it under control, no matter what they try.

"He is not thriving like he should be. It is holding him back and he doesn't really eat.

"It is hard to take him out and he is not getting a normal childhood. He is up most nights regardless. He is on sleeping medication and even though he takes that he doesn't get to sleep until silly hours in the morning."

George's family might still have to pay for his medication once prescribed by Dr Aron, unless his GP surgery provides it for free, so the family has set up a fundraising webpage. To donate, visit www.gofundme.com/pp7b4wd3.