AN ADDICT who died from drug and alcohol toxicity was found at his flat surrounded by empty cider bottles, used syringes, and letters about rent arrears and missed health appointments, an inquest has heard.

David Clough, 52, of South Street, Keighley, was discovered by a friend on September 25 last year after a day of drinking and watching TV.

Yesterday's inquest heard how Mr Clough, who had a long history of anxiety and depression as well as drug and alcohol abuse, had been struggling to cope financially after having his benefits cut.

Mr Clough, started drinking alcohol when he was 14, had been known to drink up to 175 units a week, the equivalent to 76 pints. The government's recommended limit for men is just 14 units or six pints a week.

His brother Mark Clough said in a statement he was "a top man, very clever" but had "let himself get too down."

A post mortem showed a potentially fatal heroin level in Mr Clough's system. There was also alcohol and evidence of cocaine use just hours before his death. The combination would have put stress on his heart, the inquest heard.

Coroner Oliver Longstaff said Mr Clough who had tried unsuccessfully to shake off his addictions despite being offered help, had an accidental drugs related death.