FOUR friends from Bradford revealed they are looking forward to a "slap on the back" as they announced the third-ever ska and reggae extravaganza for Yorkshire.

Organisers David Crawford, Jeff George, Paul Howson and Jack Nanson say the "love of the music" is inspiring them to keep growing the bumper event.

The family-friendly Yorkshire Ska & Reggae All-Dayer was first held on June 28, 2014, at the University of Bradford.

Now, the foursome is busy preparing for the third festival, which will be on July 2, again at the university, from 2pm to midnight.

Mr Crawford said: "We are happy that it is growing and we are giving something back. It is not about profit, and we have never made a profit.

"We do it for the love of the music. It is always about 'what are you prepared to lose' for it. What we gain is getting a slap on the back from 500 to 600 people."

He added: "The day is for everyone. If there is anything I could say, it is that the support has been unbelievable - even though we are only on our third one.

"Our fan base goes as far as Scotland and to Germany. People are wanting to come to this event.

"We are happy that it is growing and we are happy that we have got a small foothold in the scene.

"Of course we want to be bigger, but we also want it to be a family-friendly and community day - and to use the university to achieve that.

"We are still getting blown away by it and we still want to carry it on. We are from Bradford and we want to show it in its best possible light.

"But we are just a group of ordinary lads trying to put a day together. If anyone is interested in contributing or having a say in the event, contact the website. We have a website that could be used for advertising.

"Maybe a bit of help would make it a better event."

There are seven bands currently lined up for the event, with an eighth in the pipeline. The bands confirmed are: Natural Rhythm (from Bradford); Selah Sounds (Bradford); Trenchtown UK (Bradford); The Uplifters (Manchester); King Zeph (Leeds); The Indecision (Leeds); and The Style Selektors (Teesside).

"It is a Bradford-based event so we always want to support Bradford and Bradford artists," said Mr Crawford, who praised the university as a "tremendous help". "But we also want to enhance bands from elsewhere who are producing good music."

Early bird tickets are available for £15 until March 1. Tickets are £20 after that.

The event will also feature stalls that will run hand-in-hand with the festival, including a Dr Martens stall. Anyone who wants to host a stall, help with organisation and sponsorship, or buy a ticket, should visit