THE complaints and controversy began even before tonight's Question Time was broadcast from Bradford.

After the BBC revealed the panel included Nigel Farage (pictured), critics on social media sites suggested that the UKIP leader had been on the show too often, while others welcomed his presence.

The full line up was Conservative energy secretary Amber Rudd MP, Labour's former shadow chief secretary to the treasury Shabana Mahmood MP, president of the Liberal Democrats Baroness Brinton and the Daily Mail's soon to be political editor-at-large Isabel Oakeshott.

On the Question Time Facebook page, viewers complained that there were no Green representatives while others said the panel was "too right wing".

Viewer John Turbefield said on Facebook: "Why Nigel Farage? You've had him on far too much. Do try and keep it balanced.

"You actually remembered to invite a Lib Dem for once, though, so well done on that."

Viewer Pamela Brooke said on the Facebook page: "Please sit Nigel Farage and Isabel Oakeshott together at one end of the panel. They can amuse each other with the ridiculous things which come out of their mouths."

On Twitter, Bradford woman Ruth Ibegbuna said: "Nigel Farage is on the panel for Bradford #bbcqt tonight?! Of course he is! How pleased with themselves Question Time producers must feel..."

* Mr Farage was replaced at the 11th hour as a panellist by UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall.

Earlier this evening Mr Farage said he was stuck in traffic.

On Twitter he said: "Now been at a standstill for 90 mins on the A1. #bbcqt doubtful. Damn."