WORKERS have caused confusion in Queensbury by painting a single yellow line across a pavement and around a parked car.

The line starts on West End and turns into Russell Hall Lane, cutting across the path. On West End there is a car-long gap, where Bradford Council workers have stopped because of a parked car, before starting painting again.

Queensbury Councillors Paul Cromie (Ind) and Michael Walls (Con) said the line across the path was probably a safety measure in place of a dropped kerb.

But they were astounded by the gap that had been left by workers.

Cllr Walls said: "I have never seen anything so stupid in my life. It is a good job no-one was stood there or they would have painted round them."

Cllr Cromie said: "Kids walk out straight past there and there isn't a pavement drop off to say to them, 'hang on, stop here'. It may look ridiculous but actually it is a good thing.

"But going round a car, that is just jobsworth. They could have found out who the car belonged to."

A Bradford Council spokesman, said: "The space had to be left by the contractors as there was a car parked in the way when the work was carried out. The contractors will return shortly to fill in the gap.

"The lining across the footway may look unusual at this stage, but this is only temporary as the kerb layout is to be changed in order to improve safety at the junction. This work should be completed in the near future."