RSPCA officers today visited a travellers' site after members of the public raised concerns about the welfare of horses and dogs there.

The officers said they had no concerns about the animals at the Bradford council-run site at Esholt, but would continue to monitor the situation.

RSPCA spokesman Leanne Plumtree said: "Two officers from the RSPCA visited Esholt travellers site, Bradford, to check on the animals there after a number of complaints from members of the public over the past few days.

"There are three horses at the site which are all in normal bodily condition, are stabled and have hay and water.

"There are seven dogs at the site which are all in normal bodily condition, have kennels, bedding, food and water.

"An eighth dog was signed over to the RSPCA for rehoming. We do not have concerns about these animals at the present time.

"Officers from the RSPCA regularly visit this traveller's site after complaints are received and give advice as they see fit on each visit.

"The site has been visited on several occasions this winter and this will continue as long as there are on-going issues."

Meanwhile, Bradford Council has said it is looking into allegations of unlicensed dog breeding at the Esholt site.

A council spokesman added: "We are aware of allegations of animal welfare issues at the Esholt traveller site and we advise that all such allegations should be directed to the RSPCA whose officers investigate such matters.

"Officers from the Council are investigating the alleged dog breeding and regularly undertake visits to the Esholt site."

A group of campaigners will tomorrow stage a public demonstration outside City Hall about their concerns about animal welfare at the site as councillors gather for the first full council meeting of 2016.