DEAF pupils at a Bradford school took to the stage to perform a pantomime in front of their classmates.

The group of 20 pupils gave two performances of their version of Cinderella at Swain House Primary School, Radcliffe Avenue.

Their parents and deaf students from schools including Girlington Primary School and Dixons Academy were also in the audience.

This is the fifth year that pupils at Swain House have performed a pantomime.

During the shows the pupils were also given the chance to boost their self-confidence and use their voices and sign language skills.

Sarah Rothera, lead teacher of deaf pupils at the school, who wrote the pantomime script, said: "These performances are a real celebration of their talents and capabilities. They both went really well.

"It helps build up their confidence and their language skills.

"All of the children look forward to doing it and they all enjoy it.

"The children have been rehearsing since before Christmas."