A PHOTOGRAPHER who has seen almost every side to Bradford has released a book highlighting the positives of the district to raise money for a good cause.

Tom Smith, a freelance photographer who spent four years working for the Telegraph & Argus, has just released his photography book Project Bradford, with proceeds being donated to the Bradford Burns Unit, which was set up after the Bradford City Fire in 1985.

Mr Smith, 29, who lives in Tadcaster, first came up with the idea for a photo book in April when he realised that many of the great things happening in Bradford did not get the recognition they deserved.

He decided to create a book highlighting the positives of Bradford, and re-visited some of the people and places he encountered on the job for the photos.

Among the images featured in the black and white book are some of Bradford City's many recent giant-slaying victories, aerial acrobatic performances in City Park and some of the new bars and businesses that have been set up on North Parade.

The district's history is on display in images of the Bronte Bell Tower in Thornton, the birthplace of the famous literary sisters, Little Germany and the streets of Saltaire.

People who feature in the book include Razia Amini, who has spent the last 14 years volunteering for charity Humanity First, local artist Geoff Latz, who uses scrap metal to create art, and the late Albert Joyner, who, at the time of his death, was Britain's oldest surviving Royal Marine.

The book was made possible through a mix of donations from local groups and through an online kickstarter campaign.

Among those offering support were Lord Mayor of Bradford, Councillor Joanne Dodds, who provided support from her Spread A Smile appeal, Intouch Advance in Saltaire, My Lahore cafe and restaurant, the Kirkgate Centre and the Muslim Women's Council.

The book is currently available online, although plans are in place to have it sold at venues such as the Bradford City store and Bradford Brewery's bar in The Broadway development. A total of 500 copies are available, and if every copy sells it should raise £8,000 for the burns unit.

Mr Smith, who worked for the T&A until late last year, knows of the importance of the burns unit to the people of Bradford, having covered many stories about the anniversary of the fire and the numerous fundraising events organised by the people of Bradford to ensure its future.

Many of the people and places he photographed stuck with him long after the job finished, and the project allowed him to re-visit them.

Mr Smith said: "The aim of Project Bradford is to challenge people's views of Bradford from outside the city, as well as showing people from Bradford some of the great things going on in the city they might not be are of.

These pictures portray some of the beautiful architecture, brilliant museums and great diversity of people that make up, what I believe to be, the true side of Bradford."

The images do not portray Bradford as a glossy paradise, and some images are from the inside of the derelict Odeon, with others of the still under construction Sunbridge Wells Tunnels.

Mr Smith said: "I wanted to show that even if some of the places in Bradford don't look amazing at the moment, there are still some really iconic parts. I included the Odeon and Sunbridge Wells photos because it shows that things are happening in the city, it is not all doom and gloom. There are lots of positive things happening.

"I hope people from outside of Bradford see the places in the book and realise it is a nice place to visit, and that when they see the pictures of people in here it reminds them of how great the people of the city can be."

He said his favourite photo was probably the one that graces the cover of the book - of three volunteers who use music to help local children build up their confidence. Another in his top few photos is a simple photo of the stone grandfather clock and sofa sculpture in Little Germany.

He added: "I decided to choose the burns unit because I started doing this last year, which was the 30th anniversary of the Bradford City Fire disaster. I'm pretty sure everyone in Bradford either has been effected by the fire or knows someone who has been effected by the fire."

To buy a copy of the book visit tomsmithphotos.com