THE TROUBLED and unhappy girl at the centre of the case was easy prey for her abusers.

Reserved and with low self esteem, she was mocked by her classmates for being smelly and unkempt.

She was desperate to belong and drew up a list of the Asian men and boys she befriended while truanting from school and disappearing overnight.

When she was 13, she said she began drug running for an older boy called Arif Choudhury, from Victoria Avenue in the town.

Ten men guilty of rape in Keighley sexual assault trial

The child described how she would deliver drugs parcels for the manipulative Choudhury, who has left the country and is believed to be in Bangladesh.

She was reported missing from home 71 times and the police spoke to her when she came in one night after midnight. They asked her if she was spending time with Asian males but she denied it.

Officers warned her about accepting presents for sexual favours.

The girl said her mother was hitting her and had confronted her about her relationships with Asian men.

She was still 13 when she told her mother she had been raped by two white men.

She admitted to the police that she had lied but then accused Choudhury of raping her in the grounds of the New Jerusalem Church, in Devonshire Street, in May, 2011.

She said he laughingly forced her to have sex when she told him she wanted to stop delivering drugs.

He called her "a little white slag."

"He was a violent young man who threatened her and exploited her sexually," prosecutor Michelle Colborne QC told the trial.

"He treated her in a degrading manner and introduced her to others who used her for sex. Some were nasty and some were ashamed afterwards, but used her nevertheless."

The girl was a loner at school, she was constantly on her phone and she climbed out of her bedroom window to escape.

"This was not a happy child. She was desperate to belong. She was being exploited," Miss Colborne said.

It was a chaotic existence and Choudhury was dominant over her.

The teenager hugged a red cushion as she revealed in a police video interview that she "got used to the idea" of being raped

During the trial, the court was shown photos of the squalid and secluded locations where she was raped.

Choudhury would invite her abusers to "go line it", meaning they queued to rape her after she was beaten by him and forced to her knees.

She was raped in the "cop shop" underground car park at the town's old police station, in Burgess Fields, behind the library and in front of works gates on Dalton Lane.

Her name was written on the wall in the car park, along with the names of some of her abusers, scrawled in graffiti. There was an old sofa in one of the litter strewn bays where she was raped by four of the defendants.

She also had sex with taxi driver Mohammed Akram in his cab when she was 14 and he was 59.

His DNA was found in her knickers, the jury was told.

The girl left the area in June, 2012, when she was made the subject of a Protection Order, aged 14.

It was then that she told staff at the residential home what had happened to her over the last 12 months.