THE CRUEL and tragic impact of a father's injuries on his partner and their three young children was read out in harrowing detail to a packed courtroom.

In a deeply moving statement, nurse Jenny Taylor told of the turmoil and misery wrought on her family by Istahar Ali after he ploughed into a crowd of people in his car and injured her partner.

Miss Taylor said Luke Harris, her partner for six years, had been "the life and soul of the party" with a large circle of friends.

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He was a man who had never hurt anyone who had gone out to play pool with his friends that night.

Miss Taylor said her whole world fell apart when she received the phone call to say he was critically ill in intensive care.

"My whole life had been stolen from me. My heart broke into pieces," she said.

"What kind of person would do this to another human being?"

Miss Taylor said Mr Harris was "the poorliest patient in the whole of Leeds Hospital."

He was on full life support and not expected to survive.

"I lost weight, could not eat, could not sleep. I was trapped in a bubble and could not get out," she said.

"He was literally a cabbage laid in a bed."

Miss Taylor said Mr Harris came home for five weeks but his catastrophic injuries left him incapable of dealing with family life and he was now in a rehabilitation centre.

He had been accepted to be an officer in British Transport Police but was now unable to work.

"It was a lifetime goal that will never be fulfilled," she told the court.

At the time, she had just completed a chemotherapy course but she was now off work caring for Mr Harris.

His head injury had changed him from a happy, loving and supportive father to a man with mood swings.

He had speech problems and would become very distressed.

"What was once a happy family is now a very sad one. This has affected innocent lives forever," Miss Taylor said.

At the close of her statement, she turned to the dock, where Ali and co-defendant Tanweer Khan were seated, and addressed them directly.

"I will never, never, as long as I live, forgive you two, ever," she said.