A MARRIED couple were found dead by a dog walker in Bradford park in a devastating "double tragedy," an inquest heard.

Milan Pollack, 40, and his wife, mother-of-four Jolana Pollokova, 35, had both taken a fatal overdose and had intended to take their own lives, a coroner said.

They were found in Bowling Park, Bolling Road, on June 15 this year after taking a toxic level of anti-depressants, which Mr Pollack was prescribed by doctors for relief from his back pain.

One of the couple's sons, Robin, 19, found a nine-page suicide note, written in Czech, and personally signed by the couple, who moved to the UK from their native Czech Republic in 2009.

The inquest heard yesterday the couple were left with financial problems when Mr Pollack was unable to work after he suffered a fractured skull after being attacked with a baseball bat in summer 2013, which left him in a coma for several days.

Giving a narrative conclusion, Bradford Coroner Martin Fleming said yesterday there were "lost opportunities" to see if Mr Pollack needed to be referred to a psychiatrist to be prescribed anti-depressant medication.

Mr Fleming said: "There were lost opportunities to review his medication and possibly refer him to the mental health outpatient team, though it remains unclear if it would have affected the outcome."

But Mr Fleming was satisfied that Bradford District Care Foundation Trust had altered their referral system to prevent any further similar cases.

When Mr Pollack was discharged by a neurosurgeons in Leeds in October 2014, it was suggested by them he should be prescribed anti-depressant medication.

The couple then had a series of appointments with Dr Clare Connolly, of Horton Park Medical Practice's New Hay Surgery, in Bradford, between December 2014 and June 2015, the inquest heard.

Dr Connolly said the assault on Mr Pollack had left him struggling to speak during their consultations, which were also attended by his wife and an interpretor.

She said this made her struggle to see if he needed a referral for a psychiatric appointment to explore if he needed to take anti-depressants.

But she did come to this conclusion after their appointment on February 25 this year and the referral was faxed to Bradford District Care Foundation Trust's community mental health team.

When the couple had not heard from the Trust, Dr Connolly got in touch with them in June this year.

Sharon Lumb, the Trust's serious incident lead, admitted the referral had not been fully processed by a staff member.

The Trust conducted an internal investigation and have since improved their referral computer system, to include access to them from GPs.

The couple left their home in Paley Road, East Bowling, at around 9am on June 12, telling Robin that they were going to Leeds and would be back later that day.

When they had not returned, Robin phoned the police at 7.30pm on June 13. Their bodies were found at 6.15am on June 15 by Christopher Lamb, who was walking his dog in the park.

A number of empty blister packs of prescription medicines, an empty bottle of cider and another two-litre drinks bottle were found near the bodies at the park's former rose garden.

Mr Fleming added: "This double tragedy has completely devastated the family.

"Both were found in Bowling Park and both had taken a fatal overdose. They had intended to take their own lives."