A BRADFORD schoolgirl has won a Plain English Campaign award for her diligence in spotting misused apostrophes.

Ammarah Mahmood, nine, found 15 examples of the incorrect use of apostrophes during a 15-minute walk in the district as part of a school project.

The errors she spotted included: Banana's; Happy Holiday's; No Drink's Allowed in Shop; Pie's, Pasty's, Sandwich's and Cakes; DVD's; Customers For Taxi's Please Wait Here; Toilet's; and Open Sunday's.

Even her class teacher at Swain House Primary School, Sarah Rothera, who set the grammar assignment, was shocked by how many howlers she spotted.

Ammarah's story featured in the Telegraph & Argus earlier this year and was picked up by the national media.

The Plain English Campaign said Ammarah had won its Chrissie Maher Award, named in honour of the campaign group's founder.

A spokesman for Plain English Campaign thanked Ammarah for her work which recognised the importance of plain English.

"We sent an award to the school and hope both Swain House and Ammarah enjoy the award," said the spokesman.

Ammarah's class had been doing work on grammar and punctuation and was set a challenge to photograph pictures of any examples found.