They came, they swore, they….er, went away again.

Blink and you would have missed it. And the truth is that the vast majority of Bradfordians went about their business blissfully unaware that the EDL had even been to the city.

Apart from some minor road disruption and, of course, a substantial police presence, there was little or nothing to show for the EDL’s efforts.

The Broadway shopping centre was packed, the Kirkgate Centre was packed and the streets and shops between were pretty full as well.

So what was all the fuss about?

The rain played its part; perfectly timed, it arrived in the shape of the perpetual miserable drizzle that the Scots call “dreich” – the kind that makes you feel wet even when you’re fully waterproofed.

And it would certainly have dampened the ardour of all but the hardiest and bitterest protestors.

But the rain alone cannot explain why only a mere 80 or so members of the Far-Right hate group made their way to Bradford to spout their bile before turning tail and shuffling out again.

The EDL claimed they could mobilise up to 500 supporters for this little day out, so what went wrong?

There are plenty of theories; are the EDL now in disarray across the country? Do they lack the organisational skills to co-ordinate sufficient numbers? Are they a spent force?

The answer is likely to include some part of all of those but surely a slice of the explanation must lie in the fact that Bradford is so good at ignoring them.

For many, after two previous lacklustre visits, the seed surely must have been planted that they do not have any impact here.

Bradford, like all cities, has its problems but it is undoubtedly one of the most successful multi-cultural, multi-faith communities in the country.

Whatever our background and beliefs, for the most part, we understand how to rub along – and we really don’t like outsiders strolling in and trying to put a spoke in our wheel.

Enormous efforts go in to preparing for these demonstrations throughout the community and the police make Herculean efforts to ensure our safety: the array of regional accents emanating from their lines on Saturday was testament to the distance officers travelled to make sure peace prevailed.

In these hard times of serious funding cutbacks, we have even more reason to be proud of, and grateful for, their efforts.

Above all, we should be proud of ourselves for turning our backs on those who spread hate and division, as Bradford did once again on Saturday.

One day, they’ll get the message and leave us in peace to live our imperfect but hopeful and mutually supportive lives.