A FLAG commemorating the horrors of a genocide 20 years ago is being donated to Bradford's Peace Museum.

The striking four square-metre flag was flown in Bradford's Centenary Square in July to honour victims and survivors of the Srebrenica genocide.

It was a gift from Welsh flag maker Charles Ashburner to the charity Remembering Srebrenica, and now the charity has given it to the museum in Piece Hall Yard.

It will be displayed as part of the collection dedicated to the history and stories of peace, peacemakers and peace movements in the UK.

The flag will still be seen on the streets of Bradford, however, as charity board members have agreed with museum chiefs that it can be used at future memorial events to mark the July 1995 genocide, in which 8,372 Bosnian Muslim men and boys were systematically killed.

Bradford Councillor Alex Ross-Shaw (Lab, Windhill and Wrose) is chairman of the charity's regional board.

He said: "This magnificent flag looked fantastic flying high in the heart of our city during Srebrenica Memorial Week. It reminded the people of Bradford about the atrocity 20 years ago and I’m delighted that it will take pride of place in our city’s Peace Museum.

"Bradford people will still be able to see Mr Ashburner’s generous gift flying above the city skyline in future years, as our volunteers continue to inspire people to tackle hatred, build stronger, more cohesive communities and ensure Srebrenica is never forgotten."

Shannen Lang, of the Peace Museum, said: "We are delighted to add the Remembering Srebrenica flag to our unique collection.

"It is all the more exciting when the object has its own history and has served as a reminder that the victims of the genocide should not be forgotten here in Bradford.

"We would welcome all to visit the museum and see it on display."