The Proclaimers 

St George's Hall, Bradford

THE lads from north of the English border were on top form at St George's Hall.

There was no holding back, identical twins Craig and Charlie Reid belted out number after number and were rewarded for their energy with roars of approval from their staunch army of followers.

No-one would have left disappointed, all the greats and favourites as well as songs from their latest album, their 10th, Let's Hear It For The Dogs, were on the playlist.

Sunshine On Leith, On My Way, Letter From America, Let's Get Married was a request for a couple married for 28 years.

Some of the new tunes broke away from love and affection entering the out-of-comfort zone touching on child abuse in Then Again where Jimmy Savile gets a name-check, then there was What school? which deals with bigotry - they both had bite, these gutsy brothers dare to tread whether others might not, displaying life in all its rawness.

Their distinctive Scottish sound went down a storm in Bradford yet again, The Proclaimers have a soft-spot for St George's and declared it on stage encouraging people to keep supporting live music in this "beautiful building".

It was for the sake of the beautiful building's historic structure and to satisfy the howls and foot stomps for more from the fans, that they did come back and did give more with a brilliant encore. They made our hearts fly, pity the night had to go and rush by.

Kathie Griffiths