A BRADFORD woman has been disqualified from keeping horses for life after allowing four horses to suffer so severely that one - a foal - died.

Kim Broadbent, 55, of Tyersal Road, was convicted at Leeds Magistrates' Court of causing unnecessary suffering to the horses by failing to seek appropriate professional veterinary care.

At a sentencing hearing week she was ordered to do 100 hours of community service and pay £200 costs.

The RSPCA was alerted in January to a collapsed foal in a field in Pudsey. The foal was found to have died.

Three other adult horses were emaciated. They were taken into possession and placed in RSPCA care by police on veterinary advice.

RSPCA regional chief inspector Nick Welch said: "The defendant received numerous verbal warnings and has received advice and attempts to assist by the RSPCA several times over a long period, but she persistently failed to meet the needs of her horses.

"These poor horses were in a terrible state when we found them, and sadly one was already dead."