LABOUR MPs in Bradford pledged their support for new leader Jeremy Corbyn, as a number of high profile party politicians declared they would not serve under him.

Those who said they would not take a role in Mr Corbyn's Cabinet included Shadow Chancellor and former Shipley MP Chris Leslie, as well as leadership contenders Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall.

But Bradford East MP Imran Hussain insisted the party would unite behind its new leader.

He said: "I have been a committed supporter of Jeremy Corbyn and it was a decision I took at an early stage because it was clear he was the person to lead the party.

"His campaign was one of the most energetic and democratic I have ever seen. It is time to use that energy.

"It is now about getting behind him to make sure we come into government in 2020."

He said that whenever there was a new leader, there would be dissenters.

But added: "The party will unite behind Jeremy Corbyn. It will take a number of days and weeks, but we are a democratic party and this has been the strongest mandate ever given to a Labour leader."

Asked whether he had any ambitions to be involved in the new Shadow Cabinet, Mr Hussain said: "Those decisions are going to be taken over the next couple of days. If Jeremy Corbyn believes that I have a role to play, then of course I would consider it."

Bradford West Labour MP Naz Shah, who supported Yvette Cooper in the Labour leadership contest, has also pledged her full support to the new leader.

She said she had supported, nominated and voted for Yvette Cooper, but added: "She didn't win because clearly the electorate decided otherwise, and that's absolutely fine. I respect the decision of the Labour movement. The party is bigger than one person and always will be."

She congratulated Jeremy Corbyn and his team on a "phenomenal win," but said: "The hard work starts now, which is about making sure we expose the Tories for what they are.

"I am an optimist, so it's onwards and upwards. My support for Jeremy Corbyn is absolutely 110 per cent, no doubt about it, it's unquestionable.

"He has my utmost support in driving us forward and doing what we have to do for 2020.

"Clearly we have to sit down and work out some of the issues. Once the Shadow Cabinet is in place they'll be having discussions about policies. I'll leave that to the experienced politicians."

Bradford South MP Judith Cummins could not be contacted for comment.

Mr Corbyn was declared Ed Miliband's successor yesterday on the back of a surge of support from activists and attracted a massive 59.5 per cent of votes - topping the ballot among party members as well as trade unionists and new supporters.

He began the task of putting together a unifying shadow cabinet by announcing Rosie Winterton will keep the crucial chief whip role.