A BRADFORD street could be named in honour of Geoffrey Brindley, fondly remembered by many district residents as 'Bradford Jesus Man' or 'The Airedale Monk.'

The latest suggestion is to name a new road Brindley Walk after the much-recognised character who died aged 88 at Bradford Royal Infirmary, 11 days after suffering a stroke at his home in Baildon.

Famed for dressing in a monk's habit and sandals as he roamed the city and beyond, there is already more than one campaign to erect a stature in his memory.

And Bradford Councillor Vanda Greenwood has now been contacted by a resident with the suggestion that a local road be named after the religious rambler.

"One of my constituents emailed me to suggest Brindley Walk - which I think is a really good idea considering the man and what he was known for," said Cllr Greenwood (Lab, Windhill and Wrose).

"Like so many people, I didn't know him personally, but he was a part of my life forever.

"Seeing him about was part of my childhood and later he used to live round the corner and was friendly and chatty."


Cllr Greenwood forwarded the suggestion to Councillor Debbie Davies, who represents Baildon where Mr Brindley lived, with a view to it being put forward by that ward.

"I think it's a really good idea and much better than a statue, which seems like excessive pomp - which is not what Mr Brindley was about at all," Cllr Davies said.

"Give some money to the church or stroke research, but not a statue, that's slightly bizarre," Cllr Davies said.

"But I think 'Brindley Walk' is really fitting."

A close friend of Mr Brindley supported the suggestion of naming a street in his honour.

He said: "Brindley Walk is brilliant. I back that idea, absolutely most definitely, yes."

"Geoffrey would be 100 per cent behind that. He would be laughing and smiling about it."

In response to the possibility of naming a street after Mr Brindley, a Bradford Council spokesman said: "It is desirable that any suggested road name should have some connection with the area."

Coroner’s officers in Bradford are appealing for any relatives of Mr Brindley, of Langley Lane, Baildon, to come forward. The coroner’s office said Mr Brindley death was not being treated as suspicious.

They added that Mr Brindley was born in the Buxton area of Derbyshire and that it is possible he still has relatives living in that area or elsewhere in the country.

Any family members of Mr Brindley, or anyone who knows of any of his relatives, are asked to contact coroner’s officer Malcolm Dyson on 01274 475230.