Tributes to 'Bradford Jesus Man' Geoffrey Brindley have been flooding in to the Telegraph & Argus since the news of his death was published yesterday afternoon.

Memories have come from readers as far afield as America and Russia and Malaysia.

Here are some of the many tributes to the much-loved local icon, who was regularly spotted walking the streets of the Bradford district in a brown robe and sandals, with a satchel around his neck.



"I have lived in Florida for 20 years and only a couple of weeks ago I thought about The Jesus Man. I never knew his name or even his nickname, but I remember vividly how he used to wave to me when walking up Boothtown Road in Halifax back in the 1960s. It always gave me a feeling of wellbeing and joy. I don’t know why, but it did, and for that I will always be grateful. I am glad one of my facebook friends put this link on so I could pay my respects." - Grahame Chapman, Sarasota, Florida


"Geoffrey came to see my dad once a week and spent nearly every Christmas with us from the late 1960s until 1985, when my dad passed away. My dad used to make his robes and the cropped trousers he wore under them. Many a happy time was had when my sister Juliana and I were growing up. Geoffrey would bring his friends' children round to play with us and he once made us a wooden see-saw, which we had for years! I last saw Geoffrey in Bradford around Easter and we had a little chat. Everyone who walked passed said hello and gave him a wave. He was well loved. Rest peacefully, Uncle Geoffrey, your walk is done." - Kat

"I saw him many times throughout my childhood, we always called him Moses when we were kids. I live in Russia nowadays and sad to hear I won't see him walking around Bradford anymore. I spoke to him many times and he was always a chirpy man and friendly to everyone." - Mark from Eccleshill and now Moscow

"We all knew him as the Bradford Monk. From the very earliest as a young child, I would wave at him on my way to school at Canterbury or later at St Bedes. He would always wave back. I've seen him in bad weather or sunshine near Ilkley Moor and it always made him and me smile. He was literally a part of the infrastructure of this city and, quite frankly, as a child I thought he was on a parr with Father Christmas. It was an unspoken rule to us that you wouldn't question him, but enough that he was always near. He tended to keep walking wherever possible, maintaining his beautiful aura. God bless." - Russ Whittingham

"Sad news. I remember him so well back in the 1970s, traveling on a bus from Eldwick to Bradford. I regularly saw him and always gave him a wave. I live in Inverness now, though I have seen posts regarding his illness. I can remember seeing him while on a visit back in the 1990s in the Nab Wood area. He waved and smiled. I think the only way to sum him up is that he made so many of us growing up in that area smile, and memories of him will never leave our hearts." - Susan Briggs

"What a man he was. Clearly he was a man of God, but I think he was far more than that. He showed us that what unites us is far greater than what divides us. He had a smile and a wave for everyone, irrespective of colour or religion. Seeing him was always a serendipitous occurrence and added a sparkle to your day. He was the very embodiment of the phrase 'Be of good cheer'. I am shocked (though I shouldn't be) by how saddened how many of my non-Christian friends (Muslims, Sikhs and non-religious etc) are at his passing, though I'm sure he's now walking in fields of Elysium. Jesus Man, rest in peace." Omraw Khan, Muslim Association of Bradford

"I would like to add my own tribute and expression of gratitude for the life of Geoffrey Brindley and all he brought to our city and surrounding areas over so many decades. I was born in 1974 and grew up in Shipley. From my earliest memories he was as much a part of the landscape as Lister's Mill and Baildon Moor. More than anyone else he united Bradfordians through the simplicity of his life, through walking, smiling and waving. I have seen a few suggestions of a statue. I'd love to see not just one but a number statues dotted around the district inscribed with the simple words, "Geoffrey Brindley, Man of the People, He Walked, He Smiled, He Waved". - Michael Fryer, San Diego

"I am so sorry this man as passed away. I go back a long way remembering him. I am now 76 years old. Many times I would pass by this very polite man, in and around bradford. I hadn't seen him for many years, because I now live in Cyprus, but he will be missed. Whenever you saw him he always had a smile for you. Lovely man." - Tony Gledhill

"I remember when we use to play football at Myra Shay in Barkerend in the 1980s and he would join in wearing his sandles and robe. I remember saying to him you best go in the nets because kicking the ball will hurt your feet, but he just smiled and said 'Its ok, I'll play where I am'. After the match he would invite us to his house where he lived on Barkerend Road for soft drinks and water, he would chat to us about school and what we wanted to do in the future. Because of him and my parents I became a good citizen of Bradford. I owe alot to him and I will miss him alot. RIP "Father", as I used to call him." - Arif Hussain

"I remember during my school years I got on the wrong bus and realised I did not have sufficient funds to get home. I remember how thankful I was when this person with a robe and sandals helped me out and I got home safely. Thank you for just being YOU." - Naseem Hussain

"Such a shame to lose such a lovely man. I have seen him for many years with his cheery smile and always a wave on his journeys through the Calder Valley." - Edward Ashman

"I am 65 now. First time I saw him in Lumb Lane, Bradford. Always a smile and wave. He was a truly remarkable man. God bless his family at this sad time." - Bano Bashir

"Around 20-25 years ago, I was travelling home upstairs on the bus, very upset, almost in tears but holding it back, wondering where my future would lead me. I saw the Jesus Man walking along and he looked straight at me and smiled and waved. It was like receiving a wave from God. He touched my life and although we never actually met and I never knew his name until now, he has and always will hold a place in my life. I agree with the suggestion that he should be celebrated with a statue." - Linda Stone

"RIP to a wonderful man with a massive heart. Bradford won't be the same with out him. Always made you smile even when you felt down. Such a beautiful soul with an amazing aura about him." - Sheria Symes

"I remember him from my childhood, and I'm now 40, he was inspirational and will be sadly missed. RIP Bradford Jesus Man." - Marie Mayne

"As a Bradfordian who is currently living in Malaysia, I keep up with news of my city and keep up to date with results of the Bantams, Bulls and Avenue by reading the T&A online, so it was with great sadness that I read of the death of one of Bradford's most loved characters, The Jesus Man. I think every person from Bradford and surrounding towns have great memories and affection for him. He always carried a cheerful smile and had a wave for everyone. I personally always felt it was my lucky day when I saw him and gave him a wave." - Kenneth, Malaysia

"You will be missed by everyone in Bradford, you were one of a kind and there will be no one like you. The streets will look empty without you. RIP, my friend. I had fond memories." - Arif Hussain

"He used to walk past my house on Greenwood Avenue in Swain House back in the 60s all the time. Always with a smile and a wave. He looked the same now as he did then. A great, great man. I often wondered what happened to him, so when I saw the recent reports about his fall I couldn’t believe he was still alive and still walking. So sad to hear of his passing, but he will be well looked after up there. Go on mate, have a great time!" - Simon Ellis

"Very kind, gentle and friendly. Can't think of anyone who's got a bad word to say about him. RIP in heaven" - Mohammed Imran

"Such a sad loss. RIP. You will always be in our hearts" - James Shields

"I'm really sorry to hear about Jesus Man. He was a lovely guy. I was once in the garden with my kids and he came walking down the street and started dancing to my children, which I thought was very loving. I will say RIP Jesus Man." - Mark Hague

"Devastated beyond words. I have waved and spoken to Jesus Man for 30 years. My children have grown up knowing who he was and to wave when they saw him. Bradford is not going to be the same without him. RIP Jesus Man - You are going to be missed by the whole of Bradford." - Alana Mitchell

"I have been seeing the Jesus Man ever since I was child to the age of 44. I always waved at him, and he always give a smile and a wave back. It will be very strange not seeing him anymore walking the Bradford streets." - Jamil Khokhar

"I am so sorry to hear this lovely man has passed away, as a child living in Thornton he seemed to be everywhere, always with a smile and a wave. I always wondered how he walked such long distances. Even 50 years on and living at Apperley Bridge I have seen him walking on the side of the canal. He will be sorely missed. I would love to see a waving statue of him in centenary square." - Linda Norton 

"So sad to hear of the sad loss of 'Jesus man'. I remember seeing him in various places in all weathers and occasionally would have a cheery smile and a wave. I hope he has a special place above - he deserves it." - Lisa Sowden

"I am now 56. My father was an area officer for Bradford Social Services for 30 years and knew him through his professional work. In the early 1970s he came across him now and then on home visits to people who needed social work support. As a kid, I went on one such visit in Wakefield with my dad back in the 1970s. Geoffrey, (I did not know his name at the time and have only discovered it recently) would stay in the background and appeared to be both a welcome and permanent feature to those in need. He would sit quietly in the corner drinking tea and giving moral support. In this case, I think it may have been a family bereavement. Both of my parents were very positive when they saw him out and about. My family called him "Happy Harry" and we have used the name for 40 years whenever we saw him on the streets of our city. I think we will all miss his quiet fortitute and strength. He was positive force for good and his example gave people a sense of hope." -  Tim Whitcombe

"I always remember him waving to us in the playground at Horton Bank Top School way back in the 60s. I live in Dallas now, so obviously haven't seen him in a while, but glad to hear he spent his last years doing what he loved. He will be missed" - June Hammond Black

"A kinder and friendlier man has never walked the streets of Yorkshire. Perhaps a sculpture in centre of town complete with cheery wave would be asking too much, but I for one would love to see it." - Andy Heron

"He was part of your growing up. What a lovely truly genuine gentlemen. A one-off and non-prejudiced, he loved people and made no judgment. God bless you Geoffrey, may you rest in peace and fulfill your role above which you have earned your honored place." - Donna Lewis

"I was aged 14 when I first saw the Airedale Monk - that's 50 years ago. Also I knew his friend who he lived with for 25 years. I hope his friend is ok. Thinking of him. So, so sorry." - Jean of Baildon

"I used to always see this man around Bradford. He was a very nice and cheerful. Sometimes people would laugh at him, but he would still be smiling. Rest in peace." - S Ahmed

"He was a legend in Calderdale as well. I'm 56 and remember Geoffrey as a young child walking past my infant school and waving to us. Even when I went to Hipperholme Grammar School from 1969-1975 he used to wave as he walked past. I now work for Northern Rail and often transported Geoffrey from Bradford Forster Square to Baildon." - David Brown

"All us truckers used to see Bradford Jesus Man when we were setting of on our various journeys. He always had a smile for us when we tooted him. A sad loss. RIP." - Brian Hardwick

"We will miss you." - Kathleen Burton

"As far as I can remember in the 1990s Jesus Man has been visiting my grandparents house on Farcliffe Road, Bradford, ever since 1955. He was very kind and great man. We always waited for him to attend our house for evening meals. Without him there were no meals - he was part of our family. Miss you Uncle Geoffrey. RIP." - Rocky

"Naively, I always felt, even as a child in the 1970s, that he was in a state of euphoric feeling. Suspended in a vacuum, limbo or void. In transition from one state of being to another. May he rest in peace in that feeling of well being." - Rachel Simmonite

"My mother, who has since passed away, approached him and asked him to pray for us. He smiled and said 'You ask God', and looked at my brother and put his thumbs up. He continued to walk, and waved at us. He was always spotted on the roads and streets of Bradford. Always remembered in our hearts. Dearly missed." - Sahnam Ahmed

"Remember him so well. The world will be a poorer place without is presence." - Ivan Harrison

"I remember growing up in Bradford and seeing Jesus Man in his distinctive brown robe and sandals.  Always smiling and waving. Now in my 40s and living in London, I have always asked about him from my friends and family who still reside in Bradford. Today when my friend whose house Geoffrey used to visit told me that he has passed away, I couldn't believe it. It has deeply saddened me and my family. The last time I saw our Jesus Man was about a year ago when he was walking along Otley Road in BD3, smiling, as always. He will be missed. Bradford will never be the same with out him. RIP." - Azhar Rafiq

"Sorry to hear of Bradford Jesus Man's death. I've seen him from being little, here, there and everywhere. If people were on a bus they would say 'Oh look, Jesus Man!'. He was part of Bradford history and will not be forgotten." - Naseem Nazar

"Am I the only one who ever saw Jesus Man dragging a huge wooden cross? I've read scores of the condolences and so far none of them has mentioned this when recounting memories of their encounters with Geoffrey. I'm beginning to think I've imagined it! It must have been the late 1960s or very early 70s when I saw him walking past Manningham Park on the park side of the road heading in the direction of the city, dragging this enormous wooden cross, which appeared to be made of thick rough-hewn square timber. He had it resting on one shoulder, had it grasped with both hands, and his arched back and head-down posture definitely gave the impression this was a heavy load. He wore a brown-grey rough robe tied with a rope belt, and sandals. Perhaps it was Easter time. On another occasion, I was at a bus stop and he tried to pass the time of day with cheery chat, but I now regret that being a shy teenager I could not think of anything to say! I support and agree with all the other pleas to erect some sort of statue or memorial to this person who touched so many lives." - Joyce Thompson

"My funniest memory of Jesus Man is whilst we were sitting the Richmond test exams at middle school and someone in the hall spotted him and shouted 'There's Jesus Man'. Everyone in the hall stopped what they were doing and we all waved at him. It took the teachers ages to get us back to exam conditions. Wish I'd had the courage when I lived in Bradford to speak to him when I saw him. Rest In Peace. Bradford ought to have a statue of him made so that he is never forgotten. It would obviously have to have a waving pose."Renata Mucha

"I first met our lovely 'Jesus Man' Mr Brindley in 1979 when I had my son. He was so gentle, with kind words and always smiling. May you rest in peace. Our thoughts are with his friends and family at this sad time. We will always remember you with happy memories." - Jacky Harland-Waide

"I'm 67 now. I first saw him in my late teens. I used to see him fairly regularly. He always waved and smiled at me. I found it really comforting. He was such a special human being. He's certainly earned a place up there. So, 50 years on from first sighting of Geoffrey, all I can say is that he was a truly remarkable man. RIP." - A Brandon 

"As a child I remember sitting on the bus with my mum and sister and my mum said 'Oh look, Jesus Man is there'. Me and my sister ran to the back of the bus to look at him. Twenty years later I was doing the same thing, pointing him out to my son. A good memory." - Michelle Desmier 

"Such an amazing man. Always a smile and a wave. God bless his family at this sad time." - Debs McMurray.

"Once he was walking past our street and I asked him 'What's your name?'. He replied, 'Only God knows my name'. Then he smiled, waved and carried on walking." - Habibur Rahman

"Growing up in Bradford in the 70s, a  sighting of Geoffrey was a highlight of any journey. Even in recent times as a ‘mature’ person I still thought I had been blessed when I saw him. He is part of the very fabric of the city and it will be a poorer place without him. There should be some permanent fitting memorial to him, be this a statue, an event or something unique to him. RIP Bradford Jesus Man. Journey well. Love and light." - Gail Waddington

"I remember this man walking through Northowram regularly when I was a child. He was always a pleasant man with a smile on his face. I never knew much about him, but I'm so sorry to read that he has passed away." - Tracey livingstone

"Such a nice chap always waved if you peeped your horn. ..... he will be missed all over the hills RIP" - Brent Scriven

"I remember when I was in the Life Boys in the early sixties. I was in full uniform walking to a meeting one evening from my home in Fairweather Green to Girlington Baptist Church. Geoffrey was walking along Thornton Road in the opposite direction. He said 'hello sailor'. Long before Dick Emery made this saying famous." - Martin Tonks

"I was sat in McDonald's in Bradford opposite the Kirkgate market lifts when Jesus Man walked passed and he saw that I noticed him and smilled at me and gave me the thumbs up and walked past. It really cheered me up - thanks Jesus Man" - Adnan Mirza

"I remember when my nanna died, Geoffrey said to me that he will see my Nanna before she goes and we were going down Leeds road and we were behind the car with the coffin in and we saw him an he waved to us and my Nanna." - Kaitland Gibson

"I am crying in Lidl. I remember this man as a child that always had a kind word and cheery disposition. I can't believe it, I am devastated. Bradford wont be the same without him, he never looked any older and I would see him all over Bradford, it's such a sad loss." - Janette Dann

"Aww I have memories of this man from childhood. I'll never forget his friendly wave  - such a nice man who always looked the same. RIP" - Michele Milenkovic

"I'm a leeds man of 50. I was a pupil at Parkside High School in Beeston, Leeds. We as school kids would see him most days walking up and down Dewsbury Road. He never approached us, only waved from afar or the other side of the road. He was a very distinctive community figure all those years ago. I went through life living in Barcelona some years and later returned to England to return to my roots. I was driving my plumbing van one day in the direction of Bradford when to my surprise I saw once again this distinctive figure from all those years ago, and sure enough it was the same man doing the same thing as always - walking on the roadside, smiling and waving. What a strange nostalgic feeling I had. His presence left me thinking about so many memories of schooldays good times. It's really only something or some really special that can stir up such deep thoughts and emotions. Truly the work of (Jesus) Mr Brindley. May he rest in perfect peace." - Andrew Harland

"He was a unique presence and always seemed to have an ability over the years to pop up when least expected and seemed part of the fabric of the city!" - Damien Wilkinson

"I'm very upset to hear that Geoffrey has died today. I have a lot of respect for this man, I remember him from my childhood and now I'm 38 years old. This man was so special, always smiling. Regardless of any weather - storm or snow - you would see him in the same dress all the time. I will truly miss this man. I would like to pay my condelonces to all of his friends and family."L Hussain

"So sad. He was a lovely man who used to come and talk to me in the garden when I was a child. So many people were intrigued by him." - Rebecca Culpan

"He always made me smile. I used to work as a lollypop lady at Littletown school in Liversedge.  Every so often he would pass us on his long walk to Bradford. He always smiled and waved, and the children would smile and wave back. Even thinking about him now is putting a smile on my heart." - Tracey King 

"I saw this gentle soul many times in my life walking everywhere in his sandals and brown robe, going to school waiting for my bus. I am over 50 now and it seems like yesterday when I first saw him. Always a smile, always gentle. Very odd at first glance. Many people of many ages saw him but never knew him. I for one feel sad to hear of his passing. God bless this kind, gentle man who seemed to want nothing" - Chrissy Page

"I'm 50 and remember him walking past as a child, waving. Such a happy man. So sorry to see he's passed. He's a legend" - Sue Sidebottom

"I am so sorry to hear of his death, as he has been part of my growing up memories for nearly 50 years. He took all things said to him with a smile and a blessing to everyone of all faiths. He had no bias. Whatever made him change his way of being, I hope he has found his Valhalla. He will be sorely missed by many until he fades away into the realms of local Bradford history. Blessings to you Mr Jesus Man." - Tina McDonough

"Every Wednesday, Jesus Man would be in Eccleshill Library around 3pm. He would happily talk to me and my friends. We were around 14 years old. He was lovely and so nice to speak to." - Marcia Pearson

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