Bradford City fans WILL be able to watch the cheapest football in the country next season.

Chairman Julian Rhodes today decided to push ahead with his promise to slash season-ticket prices after more than 7,000 fans backed the Telegraph & Argus campaign.

Supporters will have to pay only £138 for 2007/2008 season tickets - the lowest prices in the professional game in Britain.

Mr Rhodes said: "The future of Bradford City really is in the hands of the supporters and I believe this is the best way to get fans onside to help us rebuild the club again.

"I do genuinely want people who can't otherwise afford to come to be able to watch professional football now."

Under the new prices, supporters will have to pay the equivalent of only £6 per match - or see 16 games for free when compared with the current £20 match-day admission.

When Mr Rhodes launched the cheap-ticket scheme he was hoping that 10,000 adult fans would pledge their backing. But given City's desperate league position - they could be relegated to the bottom division tomorrow - he believes the current figure of 7,000 is a strong enough show of support to launch his bold idea.

"I'm trusting everybody who has pledged will buy a season ticket and I've no reason to feel that won't be the case," he added.

"It's a slight gamble but I do think we will get more floating voters when the word gets round about this great offer.

"It has been a very difficult season and considering we haven't won at home this year to get to 7,000 is pretty good.

"The main thing that can turn round the fortunes of Bradford is to help fill the stadium on a match day. Anybody there last Saturday against Leyton Orient would have to say that we were really unlucky to lose.

"But if we can generate that kind of atmosphere every home game you would like to think we would win a lot more often than this season and that's what it's all about.

"People want a successful side and they can really play their part in achieving that. The player wage-bill we set will depend largely on how many people actually buy tickets."

Staff at the Intersonic Stadium were today being briefed about the scheme and how it will be implemented. A separate deal will be put to 25-year season-ticket holders, youngsters aged 11 to 16 will be half-price and under-11s can still watch for free.

Rhodes said: "The season tickets won't be on sale just yet but everything should happen in the next few weeks. The application forms have to be processed and then we will be in business.

"At a time when everyone is talking about cutting the cost of watching football, we have gone ahead and done it. We are leading the way and I am confident our supporters will respond in their numbers.

"As I keep stressing, the club's future depends so much on the backing from the fans."

You don't have to have pledged already to take advantage of the new season ticket prices, which are still available to anyone who wants them.