A BRADFORD father-of-two says he feels lucky to be alive after being the victim of an assault by a group outside a pub in what police described as a "case of mistaken intentions".

Nafees Hussain Shah, 31, suffered a fractured jaw and three fractures to his eye socket bone after he was attacked outside the Chequerfield Hotel pub, Pontefract after going there to deliver a takeaway.

Mr Shah parked his car outside the Chequerfield Hotel, wound his window down and asked a man who approached his vehicle if the food he had was ordered by him.

But the man then punched Mr Shah while he sat in his car. While this attack was taking place a second man got into the car from the empty passenger side and Mr Shah was dragged out of the vehicle, by twisting his left arm back and holding it towards his throat.

The attack, which took place at around 7.30pm on Saturday, continued on the pub car park as he was repeatedly punched and kicked in his face and side.


Mr Shah said that, during the attack, a woman provoked further assaults by using racist remarks. Mr Shah was then thrown into a three-foot high concrete wall, fell over the top of it and managed to run off for help.

Mr Shah, who moved to Bradford from his native Pakistan in 2004, says he was also chased by the group as he made his escape.

But he had to go into five houses before a couple took him in and called the police and paramedics.

He also sustained bruising and grazes to his hands and side.

He was taken to Pinderfields General Hospital, Wakefield, where he stayed overnight on Saturday.

Mr Shah, who has two daughters aged six and three, was on the final day of a week-long trial working as a delivery driver with Pontefract-based takeaway restaurant Livorno Pizza.

He said: "You wouldn't do that to an animal. How did they do that to a human?

"I did not know what I did? I don't know why they did that to me. I was in shock.

"After I fell over the wall, I ran towards a few houses. I said 'Help me, call the police'. The people who attacked me started chasing after me. The people at a few of the houses were just looking at me. I feel lucky that I could run off.

"I was running for my life. I hardly had any strength left.

"They were punching and kicking me non-stop. They kept picking me up when they attacked me too. Even worse things could have happened to me.

"Now I'm scared for my family. I did not want to go out because of my face.

"My six-year-old daughter was crying when she saw me after the attack. She fell onto me and started to hug me.

"My injuries should hopefully heal naturally."

Rumours that Mr Shah had approached a young girl were later disregarded by police.

Chief Inspector Jackie Turton, of Wakefield District, said: "We are aware of increased tensions in the area and rumours relating to the victim in this incident.

"We have established that this was a case of mistaken intentions and that the man had not done anything wrong. I would reiterate that he is the victim in this case."

Two men, aged 30 and 34, and a 31-year-old woman, all from Pontefract, have been arrested on suspicion of assault. They were all released on conditional bail yesterday.