A BATTLE between ales from five Shires ended up a harmonious draw at Wilsden Beer Festival on Saturday.

And the fifth such event at the village hall raised £2,500 towards upkeep of the building which celebrates its 40th anniversary next year.

A total of 302 tipplers paid £5 for a ticket with free glass and went on to sample beers from Yorkshire, Lancashire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire.

"We had 18 barrels on and very nearly ran out, it was a great success," said Roger Golton, one of the organisers.

"And there was no winner amongst the Shires, nobody came out on top because everyone likes something from everywhere.

Similarly catering for all tastes, food ranged from a hog roast through to chilli and spicy curries and music was provided by the well-seasoned Beerhouse Boys from Keighley.

"We had three guest beers on from Bingley Brewery, which is here in Wildsen, and I must say they went down very well and helped us raise £2,500 towards village hall funds.

Mr Golton said they would be repeating the beer festival next year as part of the hall's anniversary.