THREE cars were destroyed by fire in a garage yard in Bradford yesterday.

Thick black smoke billowed into the sky as the blaze took hold off Leeds Road, Laisterdyke, at about 6pm.
The cars were parked in a yard next to Barons Testing Station, and behind Bradford Hand Car Wash. Flames could be seen through a metal fence from Leeds Road.

Firefighters from Bradford station were called to the scene. A spokesman said: "It looked bad when we got here because thick black smoke was billowing across the road."

A small crowd also gathered near the incident. One man said: "We thought some tyres were on fire because of the black smoke. It was thick."

The blaze affected traffic, with Metro tweeting that the First West Yorks 72 service was severely delayed due to a major fire on Leeds Road.

Firefighters also had to break into a building next to the fire to make an electricity supply safe.
The blaze was out by about 6.45pm.

Thick black smoke is pluming across the road, and can be seen in the pictures tweeted to us by reader Adam Mayat.