A VIDEO art installation celebrating a link between the industrial grandeur of Salts Mill with the literary magic of Haworth's Parsonage is being filmed in Saltaire.

Acclaimed contemporary artist Diane Howse, the Countess of Harewood, is re-making the connection between these two great places with The Silent Wild, an art work she is creating this week in the Mill's huge roof space.

The resulting work uses a detailed floor plan of the Parsonage dining room, has been produced with choreographer Carolyn Choa and dancer Daniel Hay-Gordon.

It will be shown at the Parsonage and at Salts Mill later this year, telling the unexpected connection between two of Yorkshire’s iconic buildings.

Sir James Roberts, the second owner of Salts and an entirely self made man, was born to a family of weavers in Oakworth near Haworth.

He attended the Sunday school of Reverend Patrick Bronte, and claimed to have met Charlotte Bronte in Haworth.

When the chance came up to purchase the Parsonage, Lady Roberts suggested that her husband do just that.

On August 4, 1928, Sir James and his wife presented the Parsonage to the Bronte Society, securing it for posterity.