BRADFORD-born artist David Hockney has revealed he did not vote in the General Election - and does not "care" about the result.

Mr Hockney (pictured), considered Britain's greatest living artist, recently described himself as an anarchist-socialist in a newspaper interview.

But the 77-year-old shrugged off last week's General Election, which saw the Conservatives unexpectedly sweep to power and Labour suffer its worst defeat since 1987.

Asked if he followed the election, Mr Hockney, who was born into a working class family in Bradford and now lives in sun-soaked LA, said: "No, I didn't.


Asked if he was disappointed with the result, he said: "I don't care about the result actually. I mean, I don't think it will make much difference."

Later asked if he voted, he said: "No I didn't".

Mr Hockney, whose brother Paul is a former Lord Mayor of Bradford, made the comments at the opening of his new art show, Painting and Photography, at the Annely Juda art gallery in central London.

The exhibition plays with ideas of perspective, and includes group portraits of Mr Hockney's friends and assistants playing cards or sitting together.