YORKSHIRE'S regional political party has vowed to "learn, understand and improve" after last week's General Election.

Yorkshire First fielded 14 candidates across Yorkshire in its first General Election, after being formed just a year ago. None were elected.

The party fielded one candidate in the Bradford district, Darren Hill, who stood in Shipley. Of the six parties contesting the seat, Yorkshire First came sixth, with 543 votes.

Party leader Richard Carter said: "As a new party born in 2014 we along with other regional parties are taking our first baby steps. We will learn, understand and improve.

"We will continue our campaign for a directly-elected parliament for Yorkshire instead of the unaccountable and undemocratic combined authorities which have been imposed on us."

Mr Carter added that as they looked ahead over the next few years, they hoped to get inspiration from north of the border.

He said: "The SNP [Scottish National Party] got a smaller share of the vote in their first election in the 1920s than we did and look where they are now."