A PRIMARY school teacher has been jailed for the "vile and depraved" sexual abuse of a vulnerable 13-year-old boy from the Bradford area.

Jonathan Dooling, 31, was imprisoned for three years and eight months for a string of "disgusting" offences that included having sex with his male partner for the child to watch on a webcam and telling him to expose his bottom and to urinate in front of him.

Dooling pleaded guilty at Bradford Crown Court to 13 offences involving the boy and one of voyeurism by secretly filming naked men in a gym changing rooms.

Judge Jonathan Rose said he was guilty of "the lowest form of disgusting behaviour."

"A teacher should protect the welfare of those he comes into contact with, you just caused damage," he told grey-haired Dooling, who wore a smart suit and tie for the sentencing hearing yesterday.


The judge said: "You were a primary school teacher at the time of these offences. The oldest child leaving your school was 11. This boy was 13. Barely two years older than the children you were teaching.

"This was an appalling catalogue of disgusting and vile behaviour towards, and involving, this child."

Dooling admitted 13 offences against the boy, including six charges of engaging in sexual activity with a child, five counts of causing a child to engage in sexual activity and two charges of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, all committed in October, 2010.

While on police bail, he filmed naked men in the changing rooms at a gym in York.

Prosecutor Matthew Bean said Dooling was arrested at the primary school where he worked, in March, 2011.

His computer was later seized and webcam footage of the boy, stored by Dooling for several years, discovered by the police.

Dooling, of Newborough Street, York, met the boy through the dating apps Grindr and Jacked, Mr Bean said.

The teacher had a boyfriend at the time and realised the child was only 13.

On the first webcam session, he told him: "Hey beautiful, you look amazing."

Dooling pestered the boy to urinate in front of him and told him to show him his bottom.

Both he and the child performed sex acts on themselves.

Mr Bean said Dooling had sex with his male partner for the boy to watch on the webcam.

When the child urinated in a bottle in front of him, Dooling said: "Amazing, you're a god."

Dooling filmed partially clothed and naked men in the gym changing rooms and kept the moving images.

Mr Bean said that one was a married man who had suffered sleepless nights fearing the images might be distributed.

The boy's father spoke in a statement of the family's shock and horror when they realised he had been abused.

He had been sexually exploited by a large number of men but Dooling was one of the first.

The father accused the teacher of "the callous exploitation of a vulnerable child."

Dooling had "driven an emotional wedge" between members of the family, he said.

Dooling's solicitor advocate, Anne-Marie Hutton, said he had lost his good character and his career was over.

He felt genuine remorse and contrition.

Judge Rose ordered Dooling to sign on the sex offenders' register and made a Sexual Offences Prevention Order banning him from working with children ever again.