DO you know which general election candidate in Bradford East wanted to be a comedian and which can't resist a go on the karaoke?

We asked all local candidates in this year's General Election to tell us up to five interesting facts about themselves, and this is what they had to say...

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:


• Iftikhar makes it a point to under-promise and over-deliver;

• He really does not hate anyone based on grounds of race or religion. He accepts everyone and sees good in all;

• Iftikhar loves cricket and applauds good performance no matter who performs well;

• He loves time spent with his family, particularly in the kitchen on days off;

• He loves jazz and qawali music.


Bradford Telegraph and Argus:


No response yet received.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:


• Dr James Lewthwaite was educated as a classicist and archaeologist;

• He lectured at Bradford, Sheffield and Lancaster Universities;

• He now works in security.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:


• Focused on age 15 to age 21, age 22 to age 24 and age 25 to age 40;

• Focused on factors which contribute to divide communities;

• Focused on international terrorism;

• Focused on identity and ownership;

• Focused on design & delivery process of local & national governments and failures with in UK. (Difference between top to bottom and bottom to top approach)

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:


• Dave spends his Saturday mornings coaching kids at East Bradford Cycling Club;

• He likes to explore ruins, particularly castles;

• He occasionally presents the drive-time show on Bradford Community Radio;

• At university he wanted to be a stand-up comedian, saying: "Perhaps this entire election campaign is just an attempt to get on Have I Got News for you via the back door…";

• He is the founder of Bradford’s Philosophy in the Pub Group.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:


• David is a season ticket holder at BCFC and worked for five years at the club before becoming an MP;

• David qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist;

• David has a stock of bad jokes that he tells badly to his granddaughters who love him for it; 

• David likes to sing and can’t resist a Karaoke and likes to whistle whilst delivering leaflets;

• David has abseiled off buildings, parachuted out of an aeroplane, bungeed from a crane in a pub car park in Eccleshill and run the London Marathon to raise money for charities.