DO you know which politician standing for election in Bradford South used to play for Bradford Northern rugby team?

We asked all local candidates in this year's General Election to tell us up to five interesting facts about themselves, and this is what they had to say...

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:


• Judith was a mature student who went to college on a Trade Union scholarship;

• She was first elected as a councillor for Royds ward in Bradford South in 2004;

• She is an enthusiastic but occasional runner as time permits;

• Judith is married with two school-aged children.


Bradford Telegraph and Argus:


• Tanya has worked in the private sector, public sector, a not-for-profit organisation and for herself;

• She believes strongly that we should have a referendum on Europe and has also been campaigning in Bradford South for English Votes for English Laws, having become a patron of this campaign;

• She has always volunteered throughout her life and understands the importance of supporting voluntary organisations and the strong role that they have in communities;

• Tanya has held regular drop-ins for residents in Bradford South and has worked closely with the high streets setting up monthly business forums to support small businesses, which are the lifeblood of communities;

• She enjoys running and completed the Bradford Half Marathon. 

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:


• Andy played for the Bradford Northern at scrum-half;

• For charity, he bungee jumped from the Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough;

• He was born, bred, educated and still live in the constituency;

• He coached both junior rugby and football for 9 to 16 year olds;

• He has lifted the FA cup trophy.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:


• Jason is an alternative health practitioner, qualified in hypnotherapy and meridian therapy (acupressure);

• In 2008 Jason reached the final 100 of reality show Big Brother 9;

• Jason is an animal rights campaigner and started a campaign for tougher sentences for animal abuse;

• In 2007 Jason wrote and starred in a spoof election broadcast video about an EU UFO invasion of Bradford which became an internet sensation and was featured in the New Statesman, Russia Today and Daily Politics;

• Jason has had over 500 political letters and articles published since 2007, many in the T&A!

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:


• Andrew lived and worked in India for five years in the seventies.

• Andrew bought a four-acre field and planted 2,000 trees in it for the millennium.

• Andrew was a councillor for Gipton and Harehills in Leeds 2000-2004.

• Andrew has travelled overland to China, Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Afghanistan and Poland in the last two years.

• Andrew saw Led Zeppelin in Bath, but didn’t realise it until seeing a programme in 2005, he does remember Pink Floyd and Steppenwolf though.