A POPULAR pirate radio station from the 1980s era in Bradford is making a comeback - but this time it's going legal.

Two original DJs from PCR (Paradise City Radio) are behind the new-sound People's City Radio, going on air on the web.

From an idea sketched out on the back of a cigarette packet four weeks ago, PCR's resurrection has been "astronomical," says Marvyn Browning, 39, who was just 15 and supposedly swatting for exams when he used to DJ for the old station from a friend's flat in Green Lane, Manningham, telling his mother he was stopping out at his sister's.

The new PCR is already up and running, it is on seven days a week and already has 22 live shows. The rest is on a loop and the station has signed up DJs not just from Bradford but Manchester, London, Belgium, Serbia and The Bronx in New York.

There is no longer any need for secrecy but the DJs will still be spinning out of their own homes or studios - in Mr Browning's case from his cellar.

The DJs are hooked up to the station's own server and stream it from wherever they are.

He said: "It was all done from secret locations in the old PCR days to keep the police off our backs. We survived quite a few raids and court actions. This time we won't be underground, we are getting a webstation licence but the same old PCR spirit will live on.

"Loads of people will remember it. It's all that people had on the radio in those days round here. People around my age from Bradford will remember Mikey Roots, The Shot and Lamaj."

Mr Browning, whose day job is selling street furniture, teamed up with former PCR DJ Jamie Rider, also from Bradford, who had joined after him to get the station back on it's feet with a slight name change. Another Bradford friend Kevin Tucker is the technical whizz behind the venture.

"We still wanted it to be PCR and be respectful of its past," said Mr Browning, who is now looking for sponsors to help it buy the year's webstation licence and server.

"We are hoping to get five businesses to pay £100 each and that should cover it. We're not just a dance music station, the genres are massive, garage, reggae, rhythm and base, anything and everything. The idea is that the station will be self-sustaining, none of us will be paid. It's all for the love of it." he said.

To tune in, visit peoplescityradio.co.uk