A WAR of words between Bradford West parliamentary candidates George Galloway and Naz Shah has intensified ahead of a hustings in the city tonight.

Labour has alleged that Mr Galloway is in breach of election law by making what is says are false statements about its candidate Naz Shah.

And Respect candidate Mr Galloway has called for Ms Shah to be charged with perjury over evidence she gave in the trial of her mother who was convicted of murder and her subsequent unsuccessful appeal.

He has also referred her to the Director of Public Prosecutions over claims she made under Section 106 of the Representation of the People Act, which concerns false representation.

Ms Shah and Mr Galloway are due to attend a Bradford West hustings at Bradford Cathedral this evening, alongside the other candidates.


Labour has written to Mr Galloway's election agent and asked him to apologise and refrain from repeating his claims about Ms Shah's first marriage.

It has also published a copy of Ms Shah's original marriage certificate to show that she was married aged 15. Mr Galloway claims she got married aged 16.

A Yorkshire and Humber Labour Party spokesman said: "We have written to him to warn him that we believe his conduct to be a breach of election law."

Mr Galloway, meanwhile, said of Ms Shah's involvement in her mother's trial: "I am demanding that she is now prosecuted for perjury."

Also standing in Bradford West are: Harry Boota (Ukip), George Grant (Con), Alun Griffiths (Lib Dem) and Celia Hickson (Green Party), Therese Hirst (English Democrats - Putting England First), and James Kirkcaldy (Independent).