A MASTERS student at the University of Bradford says an accommodation issue that will see him have to move flats in the middle of his dissertation has added a “sour taste” to his university experience.

Kellen Phillips, 30, lives in the on-campus accommodation The Green, and had hoped to stay there until his course finished in September.

But last month, he and some other masters students were told that they would have to leave their flats in July - when Mr Phillips will be in the process of working on his final project of his film course. He has been offered accommodation in another nearby student halls of residence for the final weeks of his course.

Mr Phillips, who comes from Gloucester and is also a qualified lecturer, said he was disappointed that he would be faced with the prospect of moving flats when he should be concentrating on his final work.

He said: “This is the best student accommodation I’ve ever stayed in, and the people who work here are great, but this is souring the whole experience. I want to stay here over the summer.

“We’ve been found alternative accommodation, but moving is a stressful experience and it is a distraction from our studies, which is the main reason we’ve come here in the first place.

“When I moved here the University knew I was here for a 51 week course. I’ll have to move twice in about three months. It’s a pretty stressful thing to do while you should be studying.”

He says he had been told the decision was made to allow flats to be rented to visitors to the British Science Festival, being held in September, but the University said it was to prepare them for students moving in at the start of the new academic year.

Chris Spargo, Head of Commercial Services at the University of Bradford, said: “All students are informed that their tenancies in The Green come to an end in July, however the University of Bradford always makes every effort to provide accommodation where we can over the summer months for those who need it.

“The Green is providing a number of students with accommodation over the summer period but cannot guarantee to meet every student's requirements. In addition some students require accommodation into September/October which we cannot accommodate due to fulfilling the requirements of our new student intake. In order to ensure we can support all our students we have made arrangements to secure alternative accommodation which is of comparable quality and located adjacent to the University.

“During the later summer months particularly in August we have to take time to clear, clean and carry out any repair work before the new students arrive in September.”