THREE students have criticised Bradford University after they were kicked off campus for holding what they say was a peaceful protest.

The group was objecting an Armed Forces recruitment stall being included in a careers day when security staff were called and it was asked to leave campus.

The students, who held a banner calling for an end to the Trident nuclear programme, said they were told police would be called if they did not end the protest.

University staff said the group was removed because it did not give prior notice of the protest. Student Beth Davies said the group only knew the Armed Forces would be there shortly before the fair started.

Mohammed Akhtar, a first year Integrated Sciences student, said he no longer felt safe and had "completely lost my sense of security in the university."

Miss Davies, a biomedical science student, added: "You really shouldn't expect something like this to happen at a university with a Peace Studies department."


Panos Theodoropoulos said: "The University’s actions against dissent and peaceful student demonstrations raise questions regarding their commitment to promoting social engagement, debate and democratic participation."

But a University spokesman said peaceful protests were welcome at the university, but prior notice must be given for security and safety reasons.

"As the University wasn’t made aware of the protest, the students involved, including individuals not from the University, were asked to leave by security and to hand in their student’s card so that their identity could be confirmed.

"University staff will be reviewing the incident, including CCTV and bodycams worn by security staff, to establish what happened and any claims made."

A spokesman for the University's student union said: "We support any student or student group who want to hold a peaceful protest.

"University policy only allows student demonstrations if they have organised in advance. We recognise that this was not possible for the students to follow, as they only found out on the day.

"We regret that students were put in a conflicting position with University staff members and that a confrontation occurred.

"In future, the University of Bradford Union will ensure that all student groups are aware of the presence of the armed forces at a University event and support them to organise a protest through the relevant procedures."