A PHOTO- GRAPHER and writer in Haworth is releasing a novel based on the experiences of survivors of sexual abuse.

The work by Paul Hartnett (pictured), called Deletion, is due out as an electronic book on March 30.

He said: “Sickened as I am by the revelations that shine a light upon historic child sex abuse that is often connected to a breach of the duty of care within faith schools, my book takes the form of a fictional television documentary set in and around a Catholic school.

“The focus is upon four survivors of systematic sexual abuse by Catholic priests."

“The four decide to release a download single, EP and an album 40 years after the tracks were recorded in the latter part of their school days, back in the mid 1970s.

“In some respects, this is a punk protest against decades of failings by the Catholic Church.

“This is a subject very close to my heart as a ‘survivor’ of attempted molestation as a child by Catholic priests at Ealing Abbey’s St Benedict’s School.”

Mr Hartnett, who lives in the Brow area of Haworth, added that to accompany his new book he formed a band and recorded tracks in both Keighley and Colne studios, to develop the lyrics featured in the book.

This music will be available via Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and Rhapsody. The book will be accessible via iBooks Store and in PDF format on the lulu.com website.