LABOUR’S Bradford East parliamentary candidate Imran Hussain has rejected a £1,000 donation from former prime minister Tony Blair to kickstart his campaign for the May elections.

A spokesman for Bradford Council’s deputy leader, Cllr Khan, who is out of the country on pilgrimage to Mecca, said: “He won’t be accepting it. It’s a matter of public record that he was opposed to the Iraq War. In light of that it would not be right to accept that money and in any case we, like others, are still awaiting the outcome of the Chilcot Inquiry.”

The Chilcot Inquiry is a British public inquiry into the nation’s role in the Iraq War.

Bradford West MP George Galloway has called on Labour to make public the list – which he calls Blair’s blood money list – of those candidates and constituencies thatwhich have accepted £1,000 from Blairthe former prime minister – and those who have rejected his donation. He said: “Labour must today publish the list of where this money has gone. Those who took it and those who have refused it out of principal.” And he added: Has Naz Shah, my opponent in Bradford West, knocked it back? The electorate needs to know. Because All great Neptune’s oceans will never wash this money clean, those that accept it, or Blair’s hands."

Labour’s Bradford West candidate Naz Shah told the Telegraph & Argus: “It’s not coming to mine. As far as I’m aware it wasn’t offered.”