A MAN whose arm was amputated following a violent dog attack has been measured up for a replacement prosthetic limb.

Chris Hirst, who underwent nine operations in a bid to save his right arm, is back at hospital today to have a plaster cast of his replacement arm checked for size.

And he revealed that the new limb could be fitted within weeks.

Mr Hirst, 64, of Tyersal, Bradford, said: "Things are moving forward slowly but surely. I am encouraged that things are now happening.

"I have been measured for the prosthetic limb and I am back at Seacroft Hospital on Monday to check that the plaster cast fits and they have got the measurements right. The cast is then sent away for the limb to be made. I am hoping it will be ready by the end of March."

Mr Hirst was shaken like a rag doll in the savage dog attack in April 2013.

He made the agonising decision at the end of last year to have the limb amputated because an infection meant his arm had started to reject its own bone marrow.

Mr Hirst was given a pressure pad to help reduce swelling and scarred tissue so that measurements for the arm could be made.

He said: "I am still wearing the pressure pad and will do until the arm is fitted.

"It was a big decision to lose my arm, but the right one. The new one won't be bionic. I will be able to open and close my hand, but it is mainly cosmetic. It looks like an arm but it won't have the same movements.

"It's better than nothing - at least I won't have my shirt flapping in the wind!"

Mr Hirst has suffered with agonising phantom pains since the arm was amputated in November, which he described as “like putting your hand in an electric or plug socket."

The pharmacy worker was delivering a prescription when the incident happened in Bierley. He was attacked by the loose American bulldog, which had been left alone in a garden, which launched at him and mauled his arms.

He has not been able to work since the attack.

The attack only stopped when passer-by Danny Gomersall intervened, dragging Mr Hirst away from the out-of-control animal before repeatedly hitting the dog with a spade in an attempt to get it to back off.