EXCAVATION work to plant more suitable trees in Saltaire starts this week after Victoria Road's avenue of 32 trees was felled.

The roots of the new trees will be planted in self-contained underground pits to prevent them damaging restored pavement areas.

These should be in place by the end of March when Bradford Council hopes to begin pavement repairs to put right damage caused by the trees.

From April, work will take place to replace lamp posts, provide illumination for the exterior of buildings and stone lions outside Victoria Hall as well as putting up new pedestrian signs.

Because of weather uncertainties, the work schedule is not definite, but the Council hopes Victoria Road could be restored in all its glory by March next year.

The Council’s heritage champion Councillor Val Slater (pictured) said: "We are sorry if any businesses, residents or visitors suffer inconvenience due to the work taking place.

"But we are sure that when this exciting project is completed, the overwhelming majority of people will appreciate what has been done.”