THE team behind a documentary revealing the real locations which inspired the Bronte sisters has offered walking tours to people who are willing to be filmed for the production.

The documentary is being made by Oxenhope resident Oliver Chapman and will present the outcome of research carried out by Ian Howard and Josh Chapman, who is Oliver’s brother.

Mr Howard, who is also from Oxenhope, said that a local theatre group and a school had come forward to take part in the Haworth tour and ultimately be featured in the documentary itself.

“The tour will be filmed as part of the documentary we’re making, so everyone should be prepared for the footage to be used on television,” he said.

He said that he did not require very many more people for the tour, though he added that a small number of additional individuals who were willing to participate could still be accommodate.

He said the recent snow had not discouraged him from visiting the remote locations on the moors being filmed as part of the documentary.

“No one else goes up there when the weather is like this, so it’s nice to have that solitude,” he said.