A PROTEST against what has been called the “hypocrisy of Freedom of Speech” will be held in Centenary Square at 7.30pm tomorrow.

Bradford West MP George Galloway is scheduled to be among the speakers at the event, called Our Prophet Our Honour.

It has been organised in response to the printing of satirical cartoons featuring the prophet Muhammad, particularly following the massacre at the Paris offices of magazine Charlie Hebdo by Islamic extremists. Other faith leaders are expected to speak at the protest.

The event was organised shortly after the latest issue of the magazine was printed, featuring the prophet weeping over the Charlie Hebdo deaths on the front cover.

David Humphreys, who is hosting the event’s Facebook page, said he wanted the protest to be peaceful and respectful.

A spokesman for Mr Galloway said: “While he totally condemns the killings, there is a feeling in the community that there are problems facing Muslims about the issues of free speech. These cartoons have provoked a great anger.”