ALMOST 800 people have signed a petition objecting to plans to build a supermarket on the former Becks Mill site in Silsden. The petition, organised by Silsden woman Wendy Neville, has attracted around 780 comments.

Mrs Neville, of Bradley Drive, said she was pleased with the response from people who fear the supermarket — the second planned store for Silsden — will badly affect existing shops.

Development company Silvermantle had originally applied for planning permission for the Becks Mill site with the intention that it would become a Tesco.

Tesco pulled out last month but Silvermantle continued with its application, which is expected to be discussed by Bradford Council planners on January 29.

Mrs Neville believes Tesco’s U-turn affected the number of people who signed her petition sheets in local shops. She said: “Some were thrown away because it was thought the withdrawal of Tesco meant the end of a supermarket on the site.”