A SERIES of sculptures depicting the life of a Bradford-born First World War poet have gone on display.

Humbert Wolfe, a pupil at Bradford Grammar School, also worked as a Whitehall civil servant in the 1920s and 1930s. He was responsible for the organisation of labour in the Ministry of Munitions, equipping soldiers during the Great War.

His 1916 poem, Requiem: The Soldier, is read at Remembrance Sunday services each year.

To mark the 135th and 75th anniversary of his birth and death, Wolfe's great-great nephew, award-winning sculptor Anthony Padgett, has created five different sculpture heads to reflect the many areas of Wolfe's life and work.

They are in bronze, silver, gold, marble and granite.

Now, they are on display at The Five Heads of Humbert Wolfe exhibition at Westminster Reference Library in London.

The heads will then be distributed to Oxford, New York and Bradford.

Mr Padgett said: "A key part of his life was his childhood in Bradford.

"He was practically a household name in the last 15 years of his life."