UKIP has named a Bradford seat as a key target for next year’s general election – declaring it the most “winnable” anywhere in Yorkshire.

And the party has also announced it will run a candidate against Shipley's MP, despite admitting he is “on the same page” because he wants to quit the European Union.

The target seat is Labour-held Bradford South, where Gerry Sutcliffe has a majority of 4,622 over the Conservatives, but will stand down next May.

Jason Smith, the chairman of UKIP Bradford, said his party had scored 33 per cent in the constituency in this year’s local council elections.

And he said: “We expect that vote to come back to us in the general election and that most Conservatives will vote UKIP in Bradford South, to get Labour out.”

Pointing out a leading bookmaker had labelled Bradford South as UKIP’s “most winnable” in Yorkshire, Mr Smith added: “It’s a winnable seat - the bookies have very good inside information.”

George Galloway, the Respect MP for Bradford West, has also recently declared that he believes Nigel Farage’s party is on course for victory in Bradford South.

But the outgoing Mr Sutcliffe – while insisting Labour would “take nothing for granted” – said: “UKIP do not hold any council seats in Bradford South.

“We have 15 of the 18 councillors, our new candidate, Judith Cummins is a former councillor and I have held the seat through five elections.”

UKIP has only announced candidates in Bradford South and Keighley, but Mr Smith said every city seat would be fought – including Shipley, held by anti-EU Philip Davies.

Some Conservatives had speculated the party would stand aside where the Tory candidate is a confirmed “outer”, to avoid splitting the anti-EU vote.

But Mr Smith said: “It’s true that Philip Davies is very much on the same page when it comes to policy, but he is still propping up a pro-EU Tory party.

“We have suggested to him that he would be better served by joining UKIP, but that – if he sticks with the Tories – we will run against him in Shipley. It’s put up or shut up time.”

Bur Mr Davies denied any such ultimatum had been put to him, saying: “It’s bizarre to say I’m a wonderful MP and then say they want people to vote for someone else. It’s completely contradictory.

“I speak to people in UKIP all the time, but no-one has said to me ‘Will you defect?’.” Mr Davies has repeatedly insisted he will remain a Conservative.

Meanwhile, UKIP also talked up its chances in Keighley, held by Conservative Kris Hopkins with a majority of 2,940 over Labour.

Mr Smith said the issue of child grooming was on the rise, adding: “It’s a big issue in the town and more is starting to come out now – people will be going to trial soon.”