A CAB DRIVER accused of delivering a drunk school teacher into the hands of two men who raped her told a jury he was scared and worried when she demanded sex from him.

Father-of-four Tamseel Virk said she tried to grope his private parts and pulled down her trousers.

"I was scared. I was worried. I told her that I am not interested in that kind of thing," he said yesterday from the witness box at Bradford Crown Court.

Virk, 42, of Marten Road, Canterbury, Bradford, denies taking part in a conspiracy to rape the woman in the early hours of May 26.

He is alleged to have dropped her off after midnight in Great Horton, Bradford, knowing she was too intoxicated to consent to sex.

On trial with Virk are uncle and nephew, Azad Raja, 38, and Wakar Akhtar, 21, both of Hudson Avenue, Canterbury, Bradford, and Najeem Ul-Saeed, 31, of Beaumont Road, Girlington, Bradford. All deny conspiracy to rape.

Virk told the court he was working as a private hire driver when the woman asked him to take her to Bradford from Leeds.

She was in the street but raised her hand and told him she was "Sarah", a fare who had booked his cab.

He took her to a cash point to pay for the journey and on the way she asked him if he was married.

Virk says she told him: "I want sex."

She tried to touch his private parts and pulled her trousers down.

He rang Ul-Saeed and told him: "There is a girl and she is inviting me to have sex with her."

Virk said Ul-Saeed spoke to the woman from the cab, asking: "You want sex?"

She replied: "Yes I do."

Virk said Ul-Saeed was working in Pontefract but the woman said she would wait for him.

He told Virk to take her to Hudson Avenue in Bradford.

When he stopped the cab, he saw a boy walking over.

Virk said the woman commented: "Oh, he's nice looking. Smart."

The boy handed him a phone and Ul-Saeed was on the line, saying: "You can drop her here. She is safe here."

Asked by his barrister, Catherine Silverton: "Did anything make you think that she did not know what she was doing?"

Virk replied: "No. No. She was absolutely fine."

The prosecution alleges Virk ararnged with Ul-Saeed to deliver a vulnerable woman into the hands of Raja and Akhtar who then raped her in turn on a bench in Great Horton Park.

Ul-Saeed is said to have arrived at the park too late to join in the rape.

The trial continues