DNA and fingerprints should be taken from all overseas visitors to trap dangerous criminals, Shipley MP Philip Davies said.

The Conservative backbencher urged the Government to act after “tragic cases”, arguing it was necessary to protect people in Britain.

The call follows the murder of London schoolgirl Alice Gross by, police believe, a convicted Latvian killer, who was later found hanged in nearby woodlands.

Arnis Zalkalns entered Britain around 2007, despite serving a seven-year sentence for the murder of his wife, Rudite, in Latvia in 1998.

Intervening in the Commons, Mr Davies said: “We have seen some very tragic cases in recent weeks that have brought this matter into sharp focus.

“Hopefully, we can resolve to start taking the DNA and fingerprints of all those who come from abroad to this country, at the point of entry, which then could be linked to a criminal record.

“That would prevent them from returning after being deported and enable us to ensure they are actually who they say they are - and not travelling on a false passport, or with false papers."

In reply, Commons Leader William Hague said many across the country shared Mr Davies’ strong feelings about foreign criminals committing offences in this country.

He added: “The Government is making intensified efforts to ensure that foreign national offenders and prisoners are returned to their country of origin.

“I cannot promise off the cuff to completely change all our border arrangements, but he makes an importance point about the importance of this issue.”