A RECRUITMENT song for the Bradford Pals that was rediscovered on a museum wall is about to be performed in public for what is thought to be the first time since 1915.

The hand-scribbled lyrics were part of a World War One exhibition at Bradford's Industrial Museum and were spotted by Saltaire bard and singer songwriter Eddie Lawler.

Mr Lawler, who will be performing it at three Great War concert parties he is organising this weekend in Saltaire and in Ilkley, sought help from museum staff to find the rest of the words and the music tucked away in archives.

"It's called A Scrap For The Bradford Pals and was written by a man called George Langley. I doubt it's been sung since 1915. It's so poignant now to us because we know so many of those lads were shot on the first morning of The Somme but the lyrics at the time were stirring and rousing to get them to sign up of course," said Mr Lawler.

No-one knows for sure how many Bradford Pals were lost on July 1, as record-keeping in the chaos of battle was very difficult.

But after much research, the Bradford World War One Group believes 1,394 men went 'over the top' and 1,017 of these were either killed or injured.

Two other re-discovered songs from those war years will also be sung, including Meet Me Gwen on Shipley Glen which mentions Rock Number 9 - a remote spot popular with courting couples - and then Sergeant Brown, which was a 1917 music hall hit for stage sweetheart Jenny Hartley.

Many more well-known songs such as Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag and It's A Long Way To Tipperary will be featured too, with the audience being invited to join in and "sing their heads off," said Mr Lawler - with the help of song sheets.

Mr Lawler added: "It's going to have a music hall feel with songs, a poem and news items from each year of the war and a little storyline. The audience will be invited to sing their heads off and have a bit of fun although it will still be respectful and a fitting tribute to those who lost their lives."

He was asked to come up with a musical contribution to be part of a series of commemorative events already being organised this year by Saltaire History Club to mark 100 years since the start of World War 1.

Anyone turning up in appropriate costume of the era will get £2 discount on the £7 tickets which will be available on the door at the Caroline Street Club on Friday at 7.30pm and Saturday at 2pm.

The party will then move on to be a part of Ilkley Literature Festival for a performance at the Wildman Theatre, Ilkley Playhouse, at 9.15pm on the Saturday.